Freedom 10 Inch

Double Poly Core

Designed with a core of two 3” bonded Poly Pads and one 5” Airlay fibre-foam Pad which helps the futon spring back to life and retain its shape without using costly polyurethane foam. This newly developed product is made with a blend of cotton, polyester and low-melt fibers thermally bonded to produce a density of 2.8 lbs with longevity twice that of standard foam.

Fibron II Batting

The core is encased by our Fibron II™ cotton batting which gives the futon a soft natural feel. The cotton contains a small amount of non-toxic substance (boric acid) as a fire retardant, complying with California’s strict safety requirements.

  • Dual 3 inch bonded Poly Pads
  • 5 inch 2.8 Density Airlay Fibrefoam core
  • Multiple layers of Fibron II cotton batting.
  • Works on Bi-Fold frames
  • Made with pride in the USA


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