Otis Haley 150

Extra-Firm Platform Bed Mattress

Otis Bed Manufacturing:
Started in 1882, Otis Bed Manufacturing has been producing high quality and performance mattresses and futons for over a century. This family owned company prides itself on being the most respected futon manufacturer in the USA. Otis designers and engineers combine advanced technology, expertise, and craftsmanship worthy of that reputation.

The HALEY 150 futon mattress is the perfect match for those who require an extra firm mattress. This highly supportive mattress is built to last. The HALEY 150 is intended for platform beds only.

This Otis futon mattress is engineered to keep its shape and resist change in firmness — be it on the edges or in other critical sitting and sleeping areas — better than any cotton based futon mattress. More resilient top quality cushioning materials allow for continued daily use without worry of fading comfort or sagging mattresses.

Copious amounts of highly resilient foam and fiber create an “inside out” force against the mattress ticking that is necessary for proper and comfortable support, whether sitting or sleeping. 14 inches of stuffing is compressed to fit inside an 8 inch border.

Bench Built
All of Otis’ futons are hand made to assure uniformity and quality control on each futon.


  • Extra firm, the Haley 150 mattress is designed for platform beds only.
  • Designed for 10-12+ years of everyday use.
  • 14″ of overstuffed goods are compressed to provide a true thickness of 8″.
  • Weighs only 55 lbs per full size futon.
  • 8″ box recommended for overcover.


  • 100% polyester fabric (cream color) that breaths, stays cool and repels moisture.
  • 1.5 Layer of thermal bonded polyester wrap..for a clean finished appearance and a long lasting comfort.
  • 9″ (6 pieces) of 1.8 high density, high resilience convoluted foam – provides flexibility, conformability, and Extra-Firm Comfort.
  • Bench Built Construction..ensures each mattress is built with quality, uniformity and maximum fill density as their top priority. there is no lumps and voids in filling material like there are in the automated filling machines.
  • 8′ box type construction..a heavy duty outer shell (that consists of a top, bottom & side panels) that provides a sturdy edge support, strength, and long life.
  • Nylon Tufts..is the strongest ware-resistant tufting material to endure the pressurization process. the length and number of tufts installed are also key factors determining the mattresses comfort & durability.
  • Compression Lace Tufting..pressurizes 13″ of overstuffed goods to fit inside a true 8″ box corner. the force is created when the materials are properly tensioned to work together form a supportive synergy for comfort and durability.
  • Tape Edge Construction..seals the comfort inside and tailors the edges for durability.
  • Weight (per full size)..a power packed 55 pounds
  • Layers of Flame Retardant Rayon insures compliance with Federal Standard CFR 1633.


Twin Size: Width = 38 inches, Length = 73 inches, Height = 8-9* inches
Full Size: Width = 53 inches, Length = 73 inches, Height = 8-9* inches
Queen Size: Width = 59 inches, Length = 77 inches, Height = 8-9* inches
King Size: Width = 76 inches, Length = 80 inches, Height = 8-9* inches

*Size is measured before vacuum packaging, please allow 7-10 days after unpacking for expansion.


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Otis Ten Year Product Warranty

We, the people of Otis Bed Manufacturing fully warranty the materials and workmanship that goes into each product we build. All products manufactured by Otis Bed are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Ten (10) years. This warranty covers costs associated with repair or complete replacement of the item once it is received at our factory location. Any product believed to be defective must be shipped* to our factory for evaluation. After inspection, Otis will determine the best possible solution (repair or replace) and will reship the item to either the dealer or directly to the original purchaser (by advisement of the dealer) at no charge.