Sesame Twin Twin Bunk

Our Sesame Bunk Bed is engineered for economy; and built for the usual abuse. Sesame’s solid hardwood frame is naturally strong and sturdy like all Night and Day Furniture products. Choose from any of our useful bunk bed accessories including rolling drawers and trundles, they’re all compatible.

The Sesame is packed fully knocked-down for low cost and easy shipping.

Cool Feature:
The Sesame bunk splits into two identical twin beds!

Sesame Twin Twin Bunk Bed comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

Cherry, Dark Chocolate and White

Optional Accessories:

Note About the Warning Label:
The warning label on your bunk bed headboard is there by law, and by law is not to be removed. The adhesive used is difficult to peel off, will tear the paper leaving a residue that is difficult to clean. We recommend that you leave it where it is.



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